A protest against the use of chemical weapons, and in support of accountability over continued Human Rights abuses, through environmental contamination.

In German folklore, a kobold was a sprite
That lived in mines. The kobold was reputedly
Hunched and ugly and it would cause miners' teeth to fall out
And it cursed the miners’ families with birth defects.

This was man’s earliest apprehension of radiation sickness.
In the 16th century, some miners had believed that
Mischievous kobolds led them to a metal that
Appeared to be gold or silver but it was actually cobalt,

An undiscovered element at the time. The miners named the
Radioactive metal cobalt, after the kobolds whom they believed had
Willfully led them astray. The kobbolds and their
Accompanying radiation sickness are still with us

And they are reluctant to be exorcised.
We have inherited this fall-out from our
Radioactive quest for riches. 'Inheritance' is the
Story of this bad fairy tale.