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Don’t Exaggerate

“I believe the experience of history is an experience of pain… Just as the individual, in the years following trauma, likes to recall it, so does society insist on reproducing its dislocations, but always in a laundered way, which invokes necessity. ‘Struggle’ is a word much beloved of the left. It has lost its meaning, become stripped of its pain, and cloaked in anodyne romanticism- that anaesthetizes memory. The individual is robbed of his experience of agony by being forced into a participation he could not at the time recognize … This returns me to the emphasis I place on the individual as the centre of all resistance. Solzhenitsyn tells us that the most successful resisters in Stalin’s camps were the religious, when they must have been persistently battered by a conventional wisdom that told them religion was a comic characteristic of pre-civilisation.

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