Current projects:


Handsome Dog is proud to present ‘Forest’ performed by The BRUSNIKIN STUDIO (Masterskaya Brusnikina), a pioneering acting collective made up of young graduates from the Moscow Arts Theatre School. One of the few independent theatre companies in Russia, their work blends video, music and stage design, with elements of circus, puppetry and verbatim to explore pressing contemporary themes. Alan Cox is associate director of 'Forest,’ having worked with these performers in Moscow.

"At a time of extraordinary advances in information technology, in a world divided by national borders, ‘FOREST’ reminds us that we still have the natural world in common. With the urgent call to deepen our environmental awareness this piece of physical theatre, invites an audience to explore how we may approach this mutual challenge with joy."

Handsome Dogs' father Brian Cox, was one of the first post-perestroika champions of international arts collaboration, bringing a Russian language production of ‘The Crucible’ by Arthur Miller to the Assembly Rooms in 1989. Now, thirty years later, the Moscow Arts Theatre School actors again come to the Edinburgh Fringe.


The Checkpoint, Assembly Rooms, Venue 322

31st July – 11th August 2019

16:40 - 17:40

Directed by Dmitry Melkin


When Theatre Changed Drama Forever

This film will chart the history of The Royal Court looking at its origins post WW2 through to the present day, studying the writers, directors and actors that contributed to this evolving face of British theatre, particularly in its struggle against official and unofficial censorship .The film will begin by investigating The Royal Court’s role in the battle with the Lord Chamberlain’s censorship act, and how it continued, after that act’s abolition, to evade the constrains of conservatism and celebrate the power of writing on stage.

Opening Skinner's box

Alan was honoured to be part of the devising team behind Improbable Theatre Company’s “Skinner’s Box.” An investigation in dreamtime of greatest behavioural psychology experiments of the twentieth century, which are no longer ethically possible. Names which should not be forgotten for their contribution to science: B.F. Skinner, Stanley Milgram, Harry Harlowe, David Rosenhan and Elizabeth Loftus.

Showing July 10 - 12 Lincoln Centre